Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services ICO.

TitaniumMost of the corporations these days invest a lot of time as well as money in order to build their IT infrastructure. Moreover, the sheer amount of hardware which they have to buy or rent is enormous. This significantly increases the budget of preparing proper IT infrastructure as well. There is no other alternative apart from investing a significant amount of money in preparing this IT infrastructure.

However, with the help of blockchain technology, you can opt for decentralized servers as well as IT infrastructure. This would ensure that you would not have to worry about buying the hardware or connecting it or synchronising it. You can directly use the block chain in order to rent the IT infrastructure which you need.

The entire IT infrastructure would be connected to the blockchain which would ensure that it is decentralized. Therefore, in case there is any problem with the single server, you would not even know about it as the load would be shifted to some other server. This is exactly what Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services is trying to provide. It is trying to provide the IT infrastructure as a service. This would ensure that whether it is a router or whether it is a firewall or whether it is a server, you would be able to directly use it off the blockchain in a decentralized manner. The platform of this company is based on the Ethereum blockchain. We would today go into the ICO details of this company to provide you with a clear picture.

ICO details

  • Token acronym: BAR
  • ICO date: 1 January 2018 to 1 March 2018
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Cost in ICO: 300-330 BAR = 1 ETH

The advantage of investing in this ICO is that there is a ready-made demand for the platform which the company is building. Most of the corporations would be able to save thousands of dollars when they are using the decentralized servers. Also, one of the most exciting niches of the blockchain technology is the decentralization of the IT infrastructure. Therefore, if the company is indeed able to decentralize the entire IT infrastructure and allow companies to rent as they want and keep on using them on the go without any security concerns, the platform would be pretty huge.


Thus, if you want to invest in a platform which enables IT infrastructure with the help of blockchain technology, this ICO is one of the perfect options for you. The company is already able to highlight its vision in the White Paper and once it is able to execute the strategy, you can be sure that the value of the token would be on the higher side.

Token Sale

  • Total Number of Titanium BARs Initially Minted: 60,000,000.
  • Soft Cap: 1,000,000
  • Hard Cap: 35,000,000

The pre-sale ends on December 31, 2017.
Please indicate the currency that you will be using to purchase BARs with, and we will send you instructions as to how to proceed with the transaction.

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