ICO TrakInvest world’s first virtual social trading platform.

TrakInvestTrakInvest is the world’s first virtual social investment platform for equities. The platform combines social media and compensation-incentive based investing into a simple user interface, providing its user base a simple and unique tool to communicate and share trading activity on a real time basis.

The incentive to provide investment education, tools and financial benefits to people without ready access to capital has been absent for some time. Trakinvest platform seeks to empower millennials by (I) providing AI tools to make better informed investment decisions and (ii) creating a reward based economy to incentivize people for their data and insights, regardless of income, or location. TrakInvest utilizes the concepts of Social Trading, Robo-Advisory and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver this value proposition to it’s growing community of 100,000+ users.

TrakInvest revolutionizes the traditional investment format by allowing users, regardless of their experience, exposure or ability to participate by providing them with transparency and “TRAKing” features such as “Copy Trade” to maximize their return potential.

TrakInvest provides white-labelled solutions for access to its key features for marketing and new customer acquisition to companies in the Financial Services Sector. Companies train new users or engage existing users to invest in stock markets. With a simulated environment across 10 international stock exchanges and over 18,000 stocks, customers practice stock investing without losing real money and once confident can invest with real money leading to brokerage revenue for our Corporate partners. We provide “whitelabelled” solutions to our Corporate customers that includes our various components and tools offered on our web, mobile and messenger applications. TrakInvest’s approach to innovation revolves around a learn-share-earn core. The portal is designed to incentivise new users and seasoned investors alike through meaningful financial incentives, insights and career opportunities. The idea ultimately, is to be the bridge between those with alpha generating ability and talent, but limited to no capital, and those with capital but not necessarily the time, alpha generation ability or inclination.

The portal allows users to create groups to share information and insight on equities and sectors. It allows users to showcase their level of knowledge on specific sectors and stocks, and to learn from others on sectors they want to get better at. The actual trading happens in real time during market hours in the markets covered including Singapore, Hong Kong, and China, India, Australia, and the US, and that forms the basis of their investment track record. In Q1 2018 TrakInvest will be introducing a similar product to also trade crypto-currencies.
Growing Community
TrakInvest is best set up to implement this project as, TrakInvest Pte. Ltd., already has a strong three-year track record and has built up a community of 100,000 in Asia comprised of millennials with strong existing partnerships with corporates, universities, and governments in Asia..

Reward Economy
The community continues to provide invaluable trading data, insights, and sentiments through the platform by maintaining a virtual trading portfolio on the current platform. At the application level, the token utilities will include: (i) Tokenized data ownership, (ii) Tokenized reputation system, and (iii) Tokenized certifications.

TrakInvest AI
TrakInvest will also be introducing our “crowdsourced” sentiments tools and models in 2018 that have been developed using our TrakInvest user’s proprietary trading data and behavior collected over the past three years.

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