Treon project overview – platform for payment of utility bills.

The Treon platform together with the TXO token is created as a service that allows its users to pay for utilities easily and simply. The Treon platform will run on the blockchain and all users will be able to take advantage of the blockchain when paying bills for gas, water, electricity and others. Pay bills will be possible only using the mobile application Treon through which users will be able to pay bills in one click.

Treon platform and TXO token

All people around the world receive utility bills, payment of which is not as convenient as it could be with Treon. According to various sources in the US alone, the volume of the public services market is more than two trillion dollars. People have to spend a lot of time to pay for utility bills, as there is still no service that would combine in one service or mobile application all utility bills for people. This is a lot of inconvenience for people who often have to stand in queues for payment, in addition to it is difficult to monitor and control their expenses for utilities. Treon platform is an electronic wallet which is designed to pay for utilities. Treon is created to facilitate the payment of utility bills , which can be used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. The Treon platform will work on the blockchain using smart contracts so that payments will become fast, reliable and secure. The Treon platform will be the first platform of its kind in the world that will allow to manage utilities, monitor and monitor its expenses for mobile phone, electricity, water, gas and others. Treon makes the process of paying for utilities simple and convenient, so you will save your time and money.

The Treon project team has set itself the task to create a platform that will allow its users to quickly and easily pay for utilities in one place, to create a mobile application that would unite all utility providers. Treon (TXO) token will be created on the platform for the convenience of payment and ease of operation. The project team creates conditions that would be beneficial to both service providers and consumers of these services. Through the use of blockchain, it will be possible to translate bilateral agreements of service consumers and companies providing these services into smart contracts. For mutual settlements in the ecosystem, the TXO token will be used. The Treon mobile application and the wallet can be integrated into the system of service providers in order to receive information about the invoices issued to users and process them promptly.

Selling of tokens and the allocation of funds.

The project team Trion conducts the ICO, which will be available 429 million tokens TXO. The ICO will be held from may 21 to July 17, 2018, as a result of which anyone will be able to invest their money in the Treon project, which is without a doubt very promising and promising. A total of 1 billion TXO tokens will be issued. You can familiarize with the distribution of the proceeds from the ICO in this image:

A team of specialists from the blockchain sphere and people who understand all the subtleties of the public services market is working on the creation of the Treon platform. The team gathered to create a platform that will serve for the benefit of its users, and help them save time and money. You can participate in the ICO of this project , which will undoubtedly be successful and will bring profit to its investors.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

oken sale: May 21-July 17

Symbol: TXO

Тип токенов : ERC20

Price per token: 1 TXO = 0.11 USD

Tokens for sale: 429,000,000 TXO

Identification: required 

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