Uncloak project overview – solving cybersecurity problems.

Platform Uncloak due to the use of the blockchain the third generation will be to deal with cyber threats. The platform will include a scanner that will scan threats on computers and prevent them, ensuring the security of the data stored on them. The platform will bring together it security professionals who will be able to jointly fight threats.

Uncloak Platform

Today, the problem of cybersecurity is very acute. Every year, thousands of companies and millions of individuals around the world face challenges from the activities of cyber criminals. Companies around the world are suffering huge damage from malicious activities, and the existing solutions in the field of cybersecurity can not protect them because they are not effective enough. Criminals can easily evade the existing system of protection and get access to the companies and to the accounts, thus causing them great damage. But fortunately, the project team Uncloak came up with how to counter the attackers, creating a platform Uncloak that will use the third-generation blockchain. Existing cyber security solutions will be used in conjunction with the blockchain, which will make them not only more effective but also significantly reduce the cost of cyber security for companies and individuals.the Platform will include a vulnerability scanner that automatically checks clients ‘ computers.

Uncloak platform is designed to be attractive to specialists in it security from around the world who will be able to combine their efforts on a platform, Tamim manner increasing the efficiency of the platform. It security professionals will be rewarded for their contribution to the platform’s efficiency. Uncloak platform will have its own database of various cyber threats which will be constantly updated through the use of artificial intelligence that will scan the Internet in search of new threats and add them to the database.

Uncloak project team.

The creation of the Uncloak platform is supported by excellent specialists who have set themselves the task of creating a platform that will meet the modern requirements of cybersecurity. Uncloak platform will become a tool that will be popular and in demand among both companies and individuals, which will provide it with a good future and high profits for investors.

Детали ICO  и продажа токенов

Token sale: June 26-July 3

Price per token: 1 UNC = 0.01 USD

Symbol  : UNC

Type of tokens : ERC20

Total tokens: 4,200,000,000 UNC

Identification: required 

Project resources

Web – https://uncloak.io

Whitepaper – https://whitepaper.uncloak.io

Medium – https://medium.com/@uncloak.io

Telegram – https://t.me/uncloakio

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