Overview of the Unibright  – project single platform for business integrations.


Unibright is the first single platform for blockchain business integrations.Unibright creates template-based visual representation of the integration of work processes and works with the automatic generation of smart contracts.With Unibright, you can use intersystem connections and provide all system components to support the business integration blockchain process.

Solving business integration problems.

There are big problems for the business integration of blockchain, until now, there is no platform for easy integration of blockchain into classical business, which in turn shows no small interest in it. Since it has obvious advantages, existing IT interfaces should be able to integrate it regardless of the stage at which they are located.

Unibright thanks to its ability to take into account all the specifics will be able to solve existing problems.

The prospects of the project

Not the least important for the investor are the prospects of the project.

There is a niche that Unibright is going to occupy, there are opportunities to implement the knowledge and skills of the development team among which there are known names in the crypto industry, there are also experienced SAP representatives with extensive experience behind.

The ground for the work is more than fruitful, the approximate market of blockchain technologies in 2017 was estimated at 705 million dollars, and further forecasts are reduced to a set of the volume of this market:

Business blockchain integration is one of the most promising technological trends in the field of IT. As with every new technology, it will take some time for the idea of Unibright to be perceived.An excellent example in this case is such a powerful working tool as Dropbox, as it had to take a long time to strengthen the real understanding of the cloud concept in most non-expert users.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens.

Token sale :From April 10 to May 10


Token type : ERC 20

The price per token: UBT = 0.14 USD

Total tokens: 150.000,000

Tokens for sale: 105,000,000

Identification: Required

 Min / Max quantity for purchase:100UBT / unlimited

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