Review  ICO Vestarin –  platform for crypto  networking.

Vestarin is a platform that easily combines thousands of providers of various services, numerous products and all sorts of services. The platform will help to find each other different specialists in different fields and investors, thereby giving them the opportunity to combine their efforts to implement various projects.

Platform Vestarin

Due to the fact that the Vestarin platform will bring together the best specialists in various sectors, it will be possible to create excellent projects together, and thanks to the universal involvement in the process. There is a huge number of talented people who are born with great ideas, but they often do not have the tools to implement them. The platform will adopt various ideas that are looking for their investor. The team will sort them, and really promising of them will get the resources and means to implement.Authors platform Vestarin will provide everything needed for implementation. Investors will be provided with all information based on which the decision on financing will be made.

The personal account will have all the necessary information available for processing. Before making a final decision it will be possible to read in a special table with the current data on the project with the number of participants and the current volume of investments.

Vestaring Capabilities

Chat with other crypto investors in the chat app.

Learn about the emergence and development of new platforms around the world.

Offer your ICO, if it is approved by Vestarin platform, you will be able to attract the attention of the entire community and investors in particular.

To purchase goods and services for the cryptocurrency.

To integrate your exchanger

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : From Mart 5 to April 4

Symbol :VST

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 0.00033 ETH

Tokens for sale: 150 000 000 VST

Identification: Required

Project resources

Web –

WhitePaper –

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