Viva Network

Review of the Viva Network project – mortgage lending platform.

Viva Network platform is created using blockchain and smart contracts, which will make the mortgage market safe and transparent. Due to the fact that the platform will not be intermediaries for borrowers significantly reduce interest rates and lenders will be able to earn even more. The platform will be self-regulating interest rates on mortgage lending due to the comparison of supply and demand.

Viva Network Platform

Today, in most countries of the world there are high interest rates on mortgage lending that contributes to the fact that the living becomes less accessible to people from different segments of the population with different incomes. The reason for high interest rates are often intermediaries who are between the lender and borrowers. The Viva Network platform is developed in such a way that the lender and the borrower will contact it directly without any intermediaries, which will allow the borrower to reduce interest rates and for the lender to increase profitability. Thus, the platform will be beneficial for all participants of the lending market.

Viva Network platform will contribute to the development of mortgage lending due to the fact that it will make investments for creditors very profitable and borrowers will be able to get low interest rates on the platform. The platform will provide the parties with fair interest rates that will be generated by supply and demand. The work of the platform will be completely transparent but at the same time platform users will be able to keep confidential information about themselves for a set of that on the platform will be used a homographic encryption method. The work of the platform will be carried out with the use of blockchain and smart contracts, which will give many advantages to users such as security transparency and high speed of operations performed on the platform. Sources of credit will be almost limitless, which will be possible due to the absence of intermediaries on the platform. Also on the platform will be introduced artificial intelligence and machine learning that will significantly increase the speed of real estate valuation processes and the risks of a loan. Also, artificial intelligence will collect large amounts of data, and classify them in the intermediary to improve the efficiency of the platform.

Viva Network project team

It is also important that a good team of specialists with experience in both the blockchain and the lending market is working on the creation of the Viva Network platform.this team has set a goal to create a Viva Network platform that will contribute to the development of the mortgage lending market and increase the efficiency of investment.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale: Runs until August 14, 2018

Symbol: VIVA

Type of tokens : ERC20

Price per token: 1 VIVA = 0.013 USD

Tokens for sale: 3,000,000,000  PERA

Identification: required 

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